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Endocrine System and Your Skin

[embed]https://youtu.be/_f8PM27USLA[/embed] Just how closely tied are the endocrine system and your skin? . Part of the endocrine system, your skin, its sebaceous glands, and sweat glands are ...

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Everything You Need to Know About Rosacea

If you suffer from red, flushing skin, you've probably wondered if you have rosacea. It's a common term, but rosacea is not well understood, even by medical professionals, and can be challenging to...

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Tori Suggesting DMK Home Prescritptives

Home Care: What Skin Products Do You Really Need?

You’ve probably felt overwhelmed if you’ve ever had to pick home care skincare products for yourself. There seems to be hundreds of different cleansers, ointments, moisturizers, tonics and other tr...

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Skin Misdiagnosis Blog

Common Skin Diagnosis and Misdiagnosis

You’ve probably said it yourself. “Oh, I have acne.” Or “My skin is just sensitive.” As estheticians, we see clients all the time who have diagnosed their own skin condition and are using produ...

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Bad Habits to Kick in 2022

4 Bad Habits to Kick in 2022 for Your Skin Health

It’s not too late to set new year resolutions for your skin! We all want beautiful, youthful, glowing skin no matter what age we are. But many of us sabotage our efforts with bad habits. Our expert...

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How Sugar Affects Your Skin

How Sugar Affects Your Skin and The Benefits of Aminodine

When you overconsume sugar, your body creates an excess of insulin that can lead to the development of insulin resistance over time. With insulin resistance, overproduction of the androgen hormo...

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How Alcohol Affects Your Skin

How Alcohol Affects Your Skin and How DMK Red Vein Can Help

We are talking about how alcohol affects your skin and why you should limit your consumption. Everything you put in your body affects your skin—including alcohol. Short-term, alcohol causes d...

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Gut Health & Skin

Better Gut Health & Skin in 6 Easy Steps

There’s probably no hotter topic than inflammation, gut health, and our natural microbiome when it comes to health. But did you know that gut health has a significant impact on our skin? Breakdowns...

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Botox and Lasers and Microneedling (Oh My!)

Who doesn’t want to look younger? Many of the clients we see are interested in reducing signs of aging in their skin. We want you to look your very best, too, which is why we’re so dedicated to ski...

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