Botox and Lasers and Microneedling (Oh My!)

Who doesn’t want to look younger? Many of the clients we see are interested in reducing signs of aging in their skin. We want you to look your very best, too, which is why we’re so dedicated to skin revision that works.

We see many clients that have gone through multiple attempts to get the skin they desire. Sometimes they come to us having already tried botox/fillers, lasers, microneedling, and surgery but still haven’t achieved their skin goals. We want to explain what these other skin treatments do and their place in skin care.

Dermaplaning is an exfoliation treatment that uses a surgical knife to remove dead skin cells. One of the so-called benefits of this treatment is vellus hair removal. But vellus hairs are essential to skin health. They form a map for oil and sweat to escape our pores. Removing these hairs can cause oil and sweat to get clogged and cause breakouts.

This treatment does not remove hyperpigmentation, increase collagen, or improve the appearance of scars, nor does it treat acne. It simply strips the skin of its protective barrier. Repeated treatments can actually make skin worse in the long run. There are better ways to exfoliate!

We don’t endorse Botox or fillers. While these treatments can temporarily show a big difference, they can cause more problems in the long run. Botox does not reverse fine lines or wrinkles but paralyzes the muscles. Think about what happens to your other muscles if you don’t exercise because they can’t move. They become weaker and smaller. The same thing happens to your face.

Fillers can stretch out tissue underneath the skin, and as we age, the tissue doesn’t bounce back as quickly. They can cause inflammation and “pockets” in the skin that can accelerate the aging process.

Microneeding is designed to increase the production of collagen through controlled trauma with tiny needles puncturing the skin. However, most signs of aging are caused by UV exposure. UV exposure damages our elastin fibers, which causes sagging skin. If the skin is already in a bad place (it’s using its collagen reserves as an emergency), microneedling can cause more damage. Skin needs to be healthy for this treatment, and after going through our skin revision treatments, most of our clients don’t think they need microneedling any longer.

Like microneedling, lasers resurface the skin by using controlled trauma. The heat is supposed to stimulate the production of collagen. But just like microneedling, the skin needs to be ready for a more invasive procedure. It’s also important to remember that lasers do not solve the underlying issue causing the skin concern. Unless you solve the underlying issue, the results won’t last, and you’ll be back to the problems you had before.

On the other hand, we do recommend adding LED light therapy to your treatments. LED is a non-invasive laser, and research has shown different LED lights to be effective. Talk to your DMK skin revisionist to find out which LED light is best for your skin.

Face-lifts are a procedure performed by a plastic surgeon. And while this procedure can lift and firm sagging skin on the face and neck, it doesn’t improve the skin’s overall function. So if you have any issues with hyperpigmentation, texture, broken capillaries, dryness or acne, a face-lift does not target any of those issues. You will still need treatments to work on the overall condition of the skin.

We’re passionate about healthy, beautiful skin. We want you to have as much information as possible so that you can choose the right treatments for your unique skin. Even if you’ve had other treatments that haven’t worked, we encourage you to let us show you the beauty of skin revision. Visit us online to book an appointment and see how we can get you beautiful skin at any age.

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