How Alcohol Affects Your Skin

How Alcohol Affects Your Skin and How DMK Red Vein Can Help

We are talking about how alcohol affects your skin and why you should limit your consumption.

Everything you put in your body affects your skin—including alcohol.

Short-term, alcohol causes dehydration, impacting your skin’s natural protective barrier and accelerating the signs of aging. This results in more pronounced lines and wrinkles, as well as sagging skin.

You may have noticed when you consume alcohol, your face often appears pink or puffy and feels warm—especially in your cheeks.

This is due to alcohol acting as a vasodilator—it widens capillaries and increases blood flow.

When this happens, your capillaries can widen to the point of breaking, leaving small, red, broken capillaries and longer-term damage behind.

While these conditions are not impossible to revise, they do require the help of a professional.

It also should be noted that alcohol damages every cell in your body by causing oxidative stress through free radicals.

You are exposed to free radicals daily through your environment, the foods you eat, and UV rays.

When healthy, your body uses existing antioxidants to combat free radicals.

When you consume alcohol, not only does it push free radicals through your body; it also damages the existing antioxidants in your body—causing more issues internally.

Limiting your alcohol consumption will do wonders for your skin and your overall health.

When you combine DMK Enzyme Therapy, a proper home care routine and regular in-office visits, the effects of alcohol can be reduced over time, helping you achieve the overall skin revision you are seeking.

As we have shared, drinking can take a toll on your skin.

One of the products we recommend in the treatment room to help combat the effects of drinking is DMK Red Vein.

DMK Red Vein cream is a specialty product designed to revise swollen red veins, fragile and broken capillaries, and redness.

Using a potent blend of plant-based, active ingredients that stimulate blood flow, DMK Red Vein is able to flush out stagnation in your capillaries while strengthening capillary walls.

This action visibly reduces permanent and intermittent redness and vascular matting and is great for rosacea and spider veins, as well.

Ask your DMK Skin Revisionist if DMK Red Vein Cream is right for your skin conditions at your next appointment.

We can’t wait for you to see the DMK Difference!

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