How Sugar Affects Your Skin

How Sugar Affects Your Skin and The Benefits of Aminodine

When you overconsume sugar, your body creates an excess of insulin that can lead to the development of insulin resistance over time.

With insulin resistance, overproduction of the androgen hormone is triggered.

Increased androgen hormone production can cause:

🌱Acne and breakouts

🌱Increased sebum production

🌱Inflammation in your skin and body

🌱Accelerated signs of aging

Being mindful of your sugar consumption is especially important for those living with hormone dysfunctions like PCOS, diabetes type one and two, hypothyroidism, and other health conditions.

While overconsuming sugar can cause inflammatory responses in your skin (acne and breakouts, liver function), it can also accelerate the signs of aging.

When you overconsume sugar, it can lead to the formation of Advanced Glycation End Products, or AGEs, and the glycation process begins.

Glycation refers to cross-linked wrinkles, or wrinkles that intersect due to the overconsumption of sugar, sun exposure, and smoking.

When glycation occurs, your cells can no longer interlock as intended due to the sugars deposited in between them.

While some people may suffer from either breakouts or glycation from overconsuming sugar, it isn’t uncommon to suffer from both.

If you are looking for long-term skin revision, start by:

1️⃣Moderating your sugar intake

2️⃣Adding DMK Aminodine Spritz to your skincare routine

3️⃣Booking an appointment with us online at SpaMelissaAllen.com.

Looking to revise your cross-linked wrinkles?

Referred to as “Golden Water,” DMK Aminodine Spritz is an age management formulation containing natural extracts.

Recommended for people who are smokers or suffer from diabetes, DMK Aminodine Spritz is an anti-glycosylation product that helps revise deep cross-linked wrinkles and fragile capillary vessels in mature and sun damaged skin.

When you overconsume sugar, it can lead to the formation of Advanced Glycation End Products, or AGEs, and the glycation process begins.

We shared earlier this week that when glycation occurs, your skin’s ability to regenerate collagen fiber is reduced, leading to wrinkling, creping, and sagging of the skin.

DMK Aminodine helps break down the sugars that have been deposited between your cells (due to glycation), helps to reactivate glucose, and allows your cells to interlock again as intended.

Key Ingredients in DMK Aminodine Spritz:

🌱Witch Hazel


🌱Cucmber Oil

Ask your DMK Certified Skin Revisionist if DMK Aminodine is right for your skin conditions and goals at your next appointment.

Need to book an appointment? You can do so online at SpaMelissaAllen.com.

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