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DMK Enzyme Therapy: Why Non DMK Enzyme Treatments Miss The Mark

We will be the first to admit that getting a professional facial enzyme peel is awesome. Peels can remove dirt, debris, and dead skin, leaving you with a fresh-looking, dewy face. It sounds great, and it is! We’re huge proponents of removing the yuck from your skin. But we’re not fans of ONLY doing that.

Most professional peels only remove the bad stuff, leaving that pretty, fresh skin exposed without any way to heal or repair itself. After a while, your skin looks just the same as it did before the peel.

But what if you could get more from your treatment? What if a treatment could not only remove, but restore?

One-step peels aren’t enough for treating long-term skin problems. Our skin isn’t an onion—you can’t just peel away layers in hopes that all our beauty problems will peel away, too. Our skin is a complex organ that requires specialized treatment to fix any issues.

We work with the skin’s natural defenses and help it to function optimally. Our DMK products are designed with a four-step program to better skin health. They don’t just remove; they also rebuild, protect, and maintain. Your skin looks better not only when you walk out our door, but it’s healthier long-term, too.

We use specialized enzymes in our treatments that cause rejuvenating responses in the skin. We use a specific group of enzymes referred to as transfer messenger enzymes. They send messages to the cells that tell them to get on the job and do their best work. DMK Enzyme Therapy Treatments work with your body’s unique chemistry to treat skin conditions from the inside out. They are the only type of enzyme treatments that perform this way.

When you choose a DMK enzyme treatment, you know that you’re taking all the right steps to ensure your skin is getting healthier and more beautiful with every treatment. You get the fresh, rejuvenated skin that comes with a facial peel, plus long-term effects that beautify your skin long after your treatment is over.

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