Regul8 & Me

Written by Lindsey H.
Before I tell you about my experience trying out the new Regul8: Digestive Tune-Up program, there’a few things you should know about me. I have a terrible digestive system. It’s been horrible my whole life (I’m in my 30s now). I have GERD (reflux) and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. In general,  if it’s related to my digestive system, it’s kind of awful. I’ve even had to have my gallbladder removed and my esophagus stretched. Basically, my system never works the way it’s supposed to.

So when my esthetician, Melissa, started telling me about a new product that SPA Melissa Allen was carrying that might help, I had to try it out. Regul8: Digestive Tune-Up is a herbal supplement designed by Danne-Montague-King to improve gut function. It’s supposed to clean out your system of bad bacteria, put good bacteria in, and help everything flourish and balance. Melissa thought it might help me feel better, given my symptoms. Here’s what happened.

Since my symptoms seemed to be moderate, we went with taking two capsules/three times a day from the three bottles of Cleanse, Restore, and Maintain. That means 18 pills a day for about three weeks. The good news is that the capsules are soft and easy to swallow. You’re supposed to eat them before a meal, so I just took them when I started cooking.
The first few days, I didn’t notice much except that I was going to the bathroom more often. But not excessively – just once/twice a day. Considering I usually go maybe every other day at best, this seemed good on its own. But suddenly on day four, I woke up to find that my normally bloated belly was noticeably flatter. After the first week, I realized that I hadn’t had any IBS symptoms at all – which is highly unusual for me. I also felt, well… good! My mood seemed better, and there was no more afternoon slump during the day.

By the time my three weeks were up, I had finished my bottles. I was the most “regular” I had ever been in my life and felt great, but wanted some real data. To my shock, I had lost six pounds and two inches off my waist. I hadn’t changed my diet at all (you’ll have better results if you do, but I wanted to see what the supplement could do by itself). My hip measurement didn’t change, which meant that I lost inches just in my belly, exactly where I would expect if the supplement was doing its job.
I didn’t have any side effects, either. The only thing I noticed was at the end of the first week, I suddenly broke out. It wasn’t awful, but it was more than my usual. It quickly went away, and my skin looked better than ever afterward.

One of the best parts of Regul8 is that you don’t have to keep taking so many pills a day forever to continue building on the results. After a treatment session or two, I can just take the “Maintain” pills to keep giving myself those good prebiotics and probiotics. I’m excited to keep feeling (and looking) so good!

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