My First HydraFacial Experience

Written by Lindsey H.

HydraFacial MD. You might have heard these word before. Perhaps you’ve seen it talked about in style blogs or fashion magazines. (Beyonce and Kate Winslet are fans!) Maybe you’ve had friends try a HydraFacial and rave about it. You might still be skeptical – don’t worry. I was too! I decided to give HydraFacial an honest try and write about my experience.

So what is HydraFacial MD? It’s a patented facial treatment that is both effective and gentle. It’s recommended for both aging and sensitive skin (both apply to my mid-30s face!) and can only be done by a licensed esthetician who has received training from HydraFacial MD.

I stopped in to visit one of the estheticians at Spa Melissa Allen. She showed me the machine that she’d be using. It looks incredibly technical, with glowing lights and a touch screen and lots of little gizmos to go on my skin. Each gadget does something different and is designed to clean, exfoliate, or hydrate the skin.

I climbed onto the table, and my esthetician started to clean my skin. This was a procedure that was similar to other spa services I had done in the past. The next step, however, was something that was new to me. She used a wand that she placed at specific points around my face and jaw, which felt a bit like a combination of massage and suction. She explained to me that this was for lymphatic drainage. She was activating my lymph nodes to help the body utilize its natural flushing mechanism to pump toxins out from my skin. It was a gentle if unusual sensation, but after a few minutes, I could swear I felt my sinuses open up!

My esthetician changed functions on the machine and began the next step. This time, the wand felt a bit like wet sandpaper, or as I said at the time, like a very eager cat licking my face. It felt as though she were lifting dirt straight out of my pores. My normally very sensitive skin didn’t sting or burn like it has with other treatments.

The last step was to replenish my skin with vitamins and moisture.  This was relaxing and soothing, and I could tell that my skin was practically drinking it up.

That was it! While I had definitely felt something all during the procedure, not once was it uncomfortable. My skin never felt irritated or raw. My esthetician showed me the results of the HydraFacial with a jar of liquid that was cloudy with little particles in it – all things she had cleaned or extracted from my face, yikes! But when I looked at my face in the mirror, I couldn’t believe how good it looked! My skin was clean and dewy and there was no sign she’d done anything to my face, unlike other procedures I had done. I felt like I could walk out the door and right into a restaurant without anyone noticing – except to ask what I had done to make my skin glow!

The esthetician had told me that my skin might look a little worse the next couple of days as the procedure naturally brought gunk to the surface to get rid of, and I did notice 1 or 2 days of more acne. However, after that, my skin looked amazing! Soft and clean feeling with noticeable brightening. I was shocked at how well it worked!

I can fully recommend getting HydraFacial MD, and will continue to get more treatments for myself!  Book yours today!


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