How your cycle Affects your skin

How Your Cycle Affects Your Skin

We are talking about the phases of your monthly cycle and how each phase can affect your skin.
There are four phases of your monthly cycle; menstrual, follicular, ovulation, and luteal.
During each phase, your body experiences changes in hormone levels, oil production, and other functions—all of which can show up in your skin.
During menstruation:
🌱Estrogen and progesterone are decreasing
🌱Your skin is excreting less oil, making it look and feel dull and dry
🌱Texture, fine lines, and wrinkles can be more noticeable
🌱Breakouts may happen and are likely due to a lack of magnesium & calcium in your diet
🌱Eat foods that are rich in these minerals—spinach, kale, avocados
During the follicular phase:
🌱Estrogen and serotonin levels begin to increase
🌱Your skin looks and feels happier
🌱Breakouts may happen and are likely due to an imbalance in your gut microbiome
During ovulation:
🌱Testosterone and estrogen levels begin to decrease
🌱Progesterone levels increase
🌱Your skin is excreting a bit more oil, providing a healthy glow
🌱Breakouts may happen and are likely due to inflammation
During the luteal phase:
🌱Your hormones are fluctuating
🌱You’re retaining more water
🌱Your moods and emotions may be shifting
🌱You may be experiencing and indulging in cravings
🌱Breakouts may happen and are likely due to these indulgences
🌱Eat foods that are high in EFAs—fish, walnuts, chia seeds—and take your normal DMK EFA supplement
If you need help maintaining your skin throughout your cycle, book an appointment with us online at SpaMelissaAllen.com.
We can’t wait for you to see the DMK Difference!

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