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by SPA Melissa Allen on 3rd May 2017

Gifts for Moms – They Deserve It!

Moms really make the world go ‘round, don’t they? Our mothers tell us when to straighten up when we get off-course, they love us when we’re feeling down, and give us the boost we need to keep going on strong. But even the most amazing mamas need a little break now and then, and what better time than Mother’s Day to show your appreciation? We’ve got the perfect way to treat mom no matter what stage of motherhood she’s in.


For Moms of Babies

These mamas are really in the trenches. Baby needs 24/7 care and that can mean little sleep and even less time to take care of mom’s skincare needs. These moms might value services that are quick, help them relax a little, and give them an opportunity to focus on themselves for a few minutes!

Facial Lymphatic Massage – A short, but effective way to treat a mom who doesn’t have much time.

Eyebrow Plus – a detailed eyebrow shaping that includes waxing and a 15-minute scalp massage. Beauty and relaxation at the same time!

60 minute New Mommy-Friendly Facial – Just enough time to relax and recharge.


For Moms of Toddlers

Is there anything a toddler won’t get into? These superhero mothers save the day over and over again – why not try these services to say thank you?

60 minute facial – A customized experience for every skin type that can improve skin condition, tone, and produce a glowing complexion, no matter how many Cheerios she’s picked up that day.

HydraFacial MD – This service is great for all skin types, and highly effective at improving overall skin health. HydraFacial is non-invasive and non-irritating for immediate results, and only takes 45 minutes a session!

Eyelash and Eyebrow tinting – Skip the makeup in the morning with this stylish and long-lasting service. Ain’t nobody got time for putting on makeup with a toddler on the loose!


For Moms of School-age Kids

Parenting might feel a little easier now, and you might finally have time to get some pampering done – in between running the kids to all their obligations (even chauffeurs need a day off!)

HydraFacial MD Plus – HydraFacial with an extra treatment step, such as LED, Dermabuilder, Britenol, Microcurrent, or Ultrasound.

Series of 6-12 treatments – give the gift of pampering on a monthly basis – make regular facials part of her routine.

New You Facial – It’s time to catch up on skincare with a combination treatment that will give Mom amplified results!


For Moms of Grown-up Kids

Where has the time gone? Parenting might look different now, but moms still have a special place in our hearts. Time to show Mom how much all her hard work and love has meant to you over the years.

Series of 6-12 treatments

Advanced Skincare Treatments – Aging skin needs special care. Choose a service like microcurrent, ultrasound, or high-frequency treatments that really make a difference.

HydraFacial Platinum – Let mom get the royal treatment and be pampered like a star.


Not sure what to get the mother in your life? Why not give her a SPA Melissa Allen gift card so she can find the perfect services customized just for her?

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