My First DMK Enzyme Experience

Written by Lindsey Himmler
I love trying new skincare treatments, especially ones that are used by celebrities. Since celebrities have to maintain perfect skin as part of their professional life, I figure they’re choosing what they think is giving them the best results. One of the hottest celebrity skincare treatments is the DMK Enzyme Mask Facial.
So what is the DMK Enzyme Mask Facial? The DMK part simply stands for the name of the company who makes it, Danne Montague-King. Due to the unique way you look when the facial is applied, it has some crazy names. Some people refer to it as a zombie facial, the dragon facial, or the alien facial. (Awesome, right?) The treatment uses reverse osmosis to remove gunk from the surface, pump fresh oxygen to the skin and replenish the skin with important healing nutrients.

I received the Age Management Enzyme Facial (Your esthetician will help you choose the right kind for your unique skin). The first step was to deep cleanse my skin, which was similar to other facials I had experienced. Next, my esthetician placed a pre-treatment product on my skin. It felt a little bit like she had made a lotion out of Red Hots. It made my skin feel warm and tingly, almost like I’d been out in the sun a little too long. It lasted only a few minutes, and then my esthetician cleaned it off. My skin felt so refreshed afterward!

Then came the signature enzyme mask. My esthetician warned me that I wouldn’t be able to move my mouth once it hardened, and made sure I was okay with the sensation and not claustrophobic. I had experienced similar tight masks before, so I didn’t think it would be a problem. She began to put the mask on, which at first didn’t feel any different than other ones I had tried. However, as it dried, I began to feel a throbbing in my cheek. It didn’t hurt, but it was a strange sensation! The throbbing sensation continued across my face as the mask hardened, moving to different areas. I felt like I could feel my blood pounding in all the areas of my face, making my skin flex. My esthetician put on some soothing music with meditation, which helped me relax. My skin was getting quite a workout, all the while the mask was removing dead skin and debris. When I saw a picture of myself during this process, I was shocked! I looked a little bit like I had melted, and my esthetician showed me where I was prone to wrinkles and dryness.

After about 45 minutes, the esthetician cleaned the mask from my face and added the last products to protect and maintain my skin. If you’ve ever seen pictures of someone doing a DMK enzyme facial, you might have seen them with bright red veins that look like a map of all the areas covered, the result of all that pulsating oxygen. This redness was so quick for me personally that there wasn’t even time to catch it in the mirror. Most people will have very short-term redness. It looks almost alien!

I could not believe how wonderful my skin felt after the procedure. It felt so smooth and looked radiant. My skin was firmer and brighter. Despite the intensity of the treatment, I felt I could go immediately out to dinner without anyone noticing anything other than how fresh and lovely my face looked!

An added benefit to the treatment was that DMK made an at-home skincare kit that I could take with me, and my esthetician personalized it to my skin needs. I loved the products – there were four in my particular kit, for aging skin. They felt light and pleasant on my skin to put on, and I woke up the next morning with skin that looked dewey and fresh.

It is recommended to have at least three treatments for the best results, but I was pleased after just one. While it was an admittedly strange sensation with the mask, I loved that it was not invasive and mimicked the natural healing properties of the skin. With the included month’s  skincare, I also felt like it was absolutely reasonable for the results I was getting. I can highly recommend the DMK Enzyme Facial and cannot wait to get my next one!

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