DMK Concept Remove

DMK Concept Remove

What is the concept behind DMK Enzyme Therapy?

This month, we are reintroducing you to the concept behind DMK Enzyme Therapy—Remove, Rebuild, Protect, and Maintain.

And will be breaking down one step each week, beginning with Remove.

What is Remove when it applies to skincare?

While Remove may include peels and exfoliation, this is just one piece of the skincare puzzle.

Remove alone isn’t the way to achieve the results you are looking for…

As DMK Skin Revisionists, we know it’s important to focus on the ENTIRE concept—Remove, Rebuild, Protect, and Maintain.

True skin revision happens at a cellular level – and at the Rebuild step.

…so why is Removal still important?

To better support our cells and their functions.

With the DMK Enzyme masque, Removal is achieved through Hydrolization (dead protein cells are turned into a weak acid to be flushed from the skin, allowing newer, younger cells to perform better).

Again, true skin revision happens at the cellular level.

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