DMK Concept Protect

DMK Concept Protect

We are talking about DMK Concept Protect and how we can protect against TEWL (Transepidermal Water Loss).


TEWL occurs when the skin’s acid mantle, comprised of sebum and sweat, is damaged or depleted.


When this happens, excess moisture evaporates from your epidermis.


When you lose your moisture from the inside out, you are likely suffering from Transepidermal Water Loss.


Other symptoms of TEWL:

🌱Pinking in the cheeks

🌱Distended veins or broken capillaries

🌱Enlarged pores

🌱Thickened skin

🌱Any combination of these symptoms can indicate you are suffering from TEWL.

How to protect against TEWL?

🌱Stay hydrated

🌱Use your acid mantle replacements – DMK Herb and Mineral Mist + DMK Seba-E

🌱Take your DMK EFA+ (Essential Fatty Acid supplements)

🌱Use DMK Hydroloc or DMK Solar Damage to seal in your moisture

🌱Wear SPF every day and reapply it often!


If you think you are suffering from TEWL, come see us in the spa!


It’s time for you to see the DMK difference!

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