Common Skin Issues and Your Treatment Timeline

We all want beautiful, healthy skin. But many of us struggle with common skin issues like acne, hyperpigmentation, or signs of aging. The good news is that SPA Melissa Allen has years of expertise in treating all three conditions, and we can help you, too! We’ve developed unique treatment plans to fully heal and restore your skin, no matter what skin problem is giving you trouble.
There are four levels to our DMK enzyme treatments. At each level, we oxygenate, detoxify, and improve your skin’s natural function. We will slowly improve and condition your skin so that it is ready for more advanced treatment. How many treatments you need to move to the next level will depend on the severity of your skin condition and how well it responds to treatment.
  • Level One: This is our first step in enzyme therapy. You’ll generally have two treatment sessions at this level.
  • Level Two: You’ll get a more advanced exfoliation at this stage. Depending on how your skin responds, you’ll have between one and four sessions.
  • Level Three: This includes either two exfoliant treatments or two specialized masques during each session. After three to six Level Three treatments, you’ll move to our final stage.
  • Level Four: Each session will include two exfoliants and two masques at each session. We can get the perfect combination treatment for your unique skin. In general, you’ll have between four and eight of these treatments.
Acneic Skin
Acneic skin is simply skin that is prone to acne, those irritating breakouts and blemishes. For moderate acne, we recommend being seen every other week for the first two months, then monthly for six to 18 months. If your acne is more severe, our treatment plan works best if you come to see us once a week for the first month, then every month for the next 12-24 months
Hyperpigmentation is caused by something going wrong with your skin’s defense system. There are two primary kinds of hyperpigmentation. Passive hyperpigmentation is internal, usually caused by hormones, medications or things like stress and anxiety. Inflammatory hyperpigmentation is caused by an outside force, such as an injury, sunburn, acne, or friction.
If you have passive hyperpigmentation, we will schedule you once a week for the first month, then monthly for 12-24 months.
Inflammatory hyperpigmentation treatment is every other week for the first two months. Then we’ll work with you for 6-18 months afterward.
Aging Skin
While aging skin is not anyone’s favorite thing, we can help you with three of its major components: changes in firmness, irregular texture, and wrinkles.
If you suffer from loss of firmness, we will want to see you twice a month for the first two months, then monthly for six to 18 months. For more severe cases, we will schedule a weekly treatment for four to six weeks, and then you’ll get monthly sessions for 12-24 months.
Texture changes can include anything from enlarged pores to actinic keratosis (thick, scaly skin). We’d like to see you every other week for two months for moderate texture issues, then monthly for six to 18 months. For more significant problems, visit us once a week for the first month, then follow up with monthly visits for 12-24 months.
Wrinkles don’t have to bum you out. We’ll see you twice a month for two months, then monthly for six to 18 months. For more severe cases, we’ll schedule you weekly for four to six weeks, then see you for monthly treatments for 12-24 months.
While our DMK enzyme treatments are a powerful tool, to see the best results, you will need to follow our instructed home care, too. You’ll see results after just one session, but our treatment plans work best when you follow our schedule. Missing appointments will cause your healing timeframe to be delayed or extended.
We do not endorse the use of Botox, but we know that some of our clients do use it. You’ll need to wait two weeks before or after any injection (Botox or other skin filler) to receive any treatment with us as a safety precaution.
Schedule your next appointment with us, and we’ll start you on your path to healthier, more beautiful skin!

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