SPA Melissa Allen Acne

Acne vs. Breakouts; What’s the BEST way to handle either?

by SPA Melissa Allen on 14th April 2021

It happens to all of us: we wake up one morning, look in the mirror, and there is a huge, angry bump on our chin. Ugh! Acne, right? Well, not so fast. There’s actually a difference between acne vs....

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How to deal with Maskne

by SPA Melissa Allen on 16th September 2020

Now that masks have become a part of our daily lives, we’re hearing more about an ugly side effect: maskne! Maskne is a kind of acne caused by dirt and bacteria getting trapped on the skin under a ...

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MSB at SPA Melissa Allen

New At-Home Devices Are Available: NuFACE Trinity Pro & My Skin Buddy

by SPA Melissa Allen on 5th August 2020

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get a spa treatment every day? While we haven’t yet figured out how to clone ourselves, we do have some new at-home devices that we think are the next best thing! ...

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SPA Melissa Allen Quarantine Mask Tips

Surviving Quarantine SkinCare Tips

by SPA Melissa Allen on 24th June 2020

COVID-19 has been a challenge for all of us. It’s rearranged our beauty routines, it’s changed our self-care, and it’s probably wreaked at least some havoc on your skin. Until things get back to no...

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Healthy Skin

Skincare in your 30s and 40s

by SPA Melissa Allen on 20th June 2017

Are you still using the same skincare routine that you did in your teens?Maybe you’ve noticed that your go-to products just aren’t working for you any more. Or perhaps you’ve realized that bad skin...

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SPA Melissa Allen Acne

4 Steps to Control Acne

by SPA Melissa Allen on 17th April 2017

Acne. The word alone is enough to send many of us cringing to our bathroom mirrors to look for it. The teen years are hard enough without the difficulty of dealing with unsightly red pimples all ov...

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Live, Laugh and Enjoy the Sun…Safely!

by SPA Melissa Allen on 21st March 2017

It’s officially springtime, which means warm weather and sunshine are on their way! There’s so many activities to enjoy under the sun, but don’t forget to keep your skin safe and beautiful during t...

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Skincare Product

Quality Skincare Product Matters!

by SPA Melissa Allen on 8th March 2017

Walk into any almost any kind of store in America and there will be some kind of skincare product on display. Skincare can be bought at drugstores, at salons, grocery stores, department stores, and...

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7 Skin Care Mistakes You are Probably Making

by SPA Melissa Allen on 1st August 2016

Skin care can be confusing…especially if you read any magazines, watch tv or have friends. There are so many conflicting messages out there. Here are 7 potential skincare mistakes you could be maki...

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