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by SPA Melissa Allen on 22nd June 2018

My First DMK Enzyme Experience

Written by Lindsey Himmler I love trying new skincare treatments, especially ones that are used by celebrities. Since celebrities have to maintain perfect skin as part of their professional life, I figure they’re choosing what they think is giving them the..

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by SPA Melissa Allen on 14th May 2018

SPA Melissa Allen is excited to bring Infrared Therapy and Whole Body LED Therapy to Cincinnati!

What is Infrared Therapy? Infrared Therapy, or IF Therapy, is officially known to science as photobiomodulation. It is a non-invasive and painless treatment that uses LED lights to replicate part of the sun’s light spectrum. We all naturally radiate infrared heat..

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by SPA Melissa Allen on 26th November 2018

2018 Gift Guide

It’s that wonderful time of year again… where you scramble to find a gift for the special people in your life. So before you buy yet another bottle of lotion or the same pair of socks, let’s help you find the..

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