Winter Skin and Humidity

Winter is Coming: How to Prepare Your Skin

Winter can wreak havoc on your skin, as many of us know. We’re all familiar with chapped lips, dry skin, and red, irritated cheeks. But never fear; the skin revisionists at Spa Melissa Allen are here! We can help you fight Mr. Frost and keep your skin looking beautiful all through the winter months.

Most of our issues with winter skin are due to the drop in humidity combined with the colder temperatures. What makes it worse is that heating our homes gets rid of any moisture in the air inside as well. For our skin, this means dryness both inside and outside.

There’s a fancy term we want to mention: Transepidermal Water Loss, or TEWL. TEWL is when the moisture in our skin moves to the surface and evaporates. While this is a normal process, things like injury, low humidity, and drying products can impact TEWL. TEWL can make our skin feel dry, tight and flakey … and sometimes even red, itchy and irritated. Winter skin is often due to increased levels of TEWL.

So what can you do to fight off the winter blues and keep your skin radiant?

  • Moisturize! While using your Herb and Mineral Mist with your Seba-E (or Herbal Pigment Oil) is essential year-round, during the colder months, you may need even more hydration than usual. We recommend DMK’s Hydroloc. Use this product in the morning, and the natural sealants grab the moisture and push it down deeper into the skin, keeping you hydrated all day.
  • Exfoliate: You may think that during the winter months, you should avoid exfoliation. But using a gentle exfoliant with a hydrating mask can allow moisture to penetrate deeper into the skin to heal. Just make sure you follow up any exfoliating treatment with something to soothe and hydrate the skin. If you are not sure how you should exfoliate at home, your skin revisionist can help.
  • Regular Facials: While we recommend monthly facials no matter the season, your skin revisionist can make adjustments in your care to battle any winter woes. Our role is to help your skin do its natural job, and we can do that best when we see you regularly. Our DMK Enzyme treatments are specially tailored to your unique skin needs.

While our focus is often on the face, don’t forget about winter’s effect on the rest of your skin. Consider using DMK’s Hydra Louffa and Maximum Moisture in the shower. Hydra Louffa is a gentle exfoliating product, and when paired with DMK’s Maximum Moisture, you’ll have glowing, well-hydrated skin from day to night.

Winter skin doesn’t have to be scary! We can help you figure out the best course of action for your skin so that you can be radiant all year long. Use our online consultation tool and schedule an appointment on our website. Let’s make this winter your best one yet!

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