Ask The Expert Esthetician

“What is going on with my FACE?”

Have you ever wanted a direct line to a skin care expert? Skincare can be confusing, especially with so many opinions from friends, magazines, and even celebrities. It’s time for a certified skin care expert to step in. We asked real women to share some of their skin care concerns and questions. Melissa, a licensed esthetician and owner of SPA Melissa Allen, answers in this edition of “Ask The Expert Esthetician!”

Question 1:

I have really dry skin. I drink a ton of water, use all the lotions and oils, and I’m still covered in scales. Help! – DragonSkin18



Use a dry brush before you shower! Dry brushing simply involves using a special brush (the aptly named dry brush) to exfoliate and massage the skin by using the stiff bristles in slow, circular motions. It will clear away dead skin cells. Make sure your showers aren’t too hot which can dry out skin. Moisturize with a cream or lotion (oils are not as effective) as soon as you get out of the shower, when your skin is primed to receive moisture. Adding some lemon to your drinking water can also help your body retain moisture.


Question 2:

Tell me about pimples, whiteheads, and blackheads. Should I pop or not pop at home? – PopHappy4Ever



Don’t pop! Most people do it incorrectly and with dirty hands! If you have ones you need to get rid of ASAP, contact an esthetician to have it done professionally to minimize damage, such as scarring or worse, opening up the skin to infection. You can try steaming to open up some surface pimples and minimize their appearance. If the urge to pop is just too great, satisfy your urge by looking up popping videos on youtube. (Warning: This is absolutely gross. Don’t say you were not warned!)


Question 3:

I can accept that I have dry skin. But how can I have such dry skin AND acne? How can my face be both oily and dry?  – TooOld4This



This is a very common problem, especially for adult breakouts. Your skin is probably dehydrated from the products you are using to “dry up” your oil and acne. Stop! Start thinking hydration. Use a cream cleanser, hydration toner, hydrating serum, and a hydration moisturizer.  Your skin is searching for moisture. When it doesn’t find that moisture, it does the only thing it can do — it produces oil to lubricate the skin. Without enough hydration, the skin cannot naturally exfoliate (called desquamation if you need a new Scrabble word). So you end up with excess oil mixed with dry skin cells, which is a perfect habitat for bacteria to create a breakout. Your skin is trying to heal itself — seek out an esthetician to find the right products to help balance your skin and start the repair process.


Thanks for joining us for this edition of Ask an Esthetician! Have a skincare question? Contact SPA Melissa Allen to make an appointment with an esthetician to get personal, just for you skincare advice. Your skin will thank you!



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