7 Skin Care Mistakes You are Probably Making

Skin care can be confusing…especially if you read any magazines, watch tv or have friends. There are so many conflicting messages out there. Here are 7 potential skincare mistakes you could be making every day.


1. Choosing the Wrong Cleanser

Are you using the RIGHT cleanser for you? Are you sure? Cleansers are the foundation to good skin care. Using an exfoliating cleanser or a harsh gel cleanser every day can strip the skin of its protective covering. The skin’s acid mantle is delicate, and maintaining it correctly keeps skin clear and hydrated. The wrong cleanser can accelerate oil production and increase breakouts.


2. Buying Products in Jars

Most products are sensitive to light, air and touch, so every time you open a beauty product jar you are breaking down the product. Kelly Dobos, Cosmetic Chemist with Sun Chemical, says, “Hands are the most diverse microbial habitat of our skin. Just think about all of the surfaces they touch every day. By dipping your fingers into a skin cream or other cosmetic products you are essentially inoculating it with the microbes on your fingertips. If a product is not properly preserved this could allow microbes to grow and become problematic. Different types of packaging, like pump bottles or tubes, prevent contact with the product inside and provide protection against contamination.”


3. Not Getting Enough Sleep

Getting 8 hours of sleep is a great way to rejuvenate your skin. Sleep restores the moisture of your body, increases blood flow to the skin, and decreases puffiness and redness. Not getting enough sleep can cause stress in the body, and may create free radicals which can damage cells.


4. Pillowcases Wreak Havoc

The kind of pillowcase you use could be causing problems for your skin. If you are breaking out, make sure you are cleaning your pillowcase at least once a week. Instead of cotton, try using a satin or silk pillowcase. Cotton can cause friction leading to wrinkles and collagen breakdown.


5. Never Wake-up in your Makeup

One of the biggest mistakes anyone can make is not removing makeup before sleeping at night. Makeup can clog oil glands and enlarge the pores. As we age, collagen production slows and pores can get stuck in an enlarged position, causing an “orange peel” appearance to the skin. Washing off all makeup can also prevent inflammation, leading to clearer skin and less fine lines.


6. Falling for Marketing

There are thousands of products out there. Instead of listening to impersonal commercials or ads in magazines, find a trusted, licensed esthetician or dermatologist.  Get regular facials and only buy professional skin care recommended by an esthetician or dermatologist.


7. Applying Products Out of Order

When applying products, use the following skin care mantra: Cleanse, Tone, Treat, Moisturize, Protect. Using products in their proper order ensures that skin receives the full benefit of each product.



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