2018 Gift Guide

It’s that wonderful time of year again… where you scramble to find a gift for the special people in your life. So before you buy yet another bottle of lotion or the same pair of socks, let’s help you find the perfect gift. Who doesn’t need a little pampering in her life? (And if you end up saving it just for yourself, we won’t tell.)

For Moms:

DMK Enzyme – A treatment with amazing results! This mask removes dead skin cells, pumps blood to the surface of the skin, and flushes nutrients back into the face. You’ll glow afterward!

Hydrafacial – Great for all skin types, and highly effective at improving overall skin health. It’s also non-invasive and non-irritating, and it produces immediate results.

New You Facial – A 60-minute facial that gets boosted results with the addition of one of the following: LED, Ultrasound, Microcurrent, High-Frequency, or Microdermabrasion. Customized just for you!

DMK Limited Eye Web – A fantastic product that acts like a topical filler. Brightens dark circles, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and reduces puffiness around the eyes.

DMK Limited Transgenesis – A cream that uses key ingredients from the sea to improve cell renewal, skin firmness, elasticity, and moisture. Gently exfoliating, it’s perfect for revealing healthier, younger looking skin.


For Sisters and In-Laws:

New You Facial

Infrared Treatment with LED – A great way to enjoy the benefits of sunlight without any risk of burning! Let the natural heat and light help you detoxify and improve circulation, not to mention clearer skin! This is a perfect pairing with another treatment since they can be done at the same time!

DMK Maximum Moisture and HydraLoofah – Two products that are perfect for pampering. Maximum Moisture is a body lotion that is perfect for dry, cracked skin. Pair it with Hydra Louffa, a body gel that cleanses the skin and exfoliates. Both are an ideal treatment for dry skin, especially in the winter months.

For Daughters:


LED Light Treatment – A gentle and soothing treatment that plumps up the skin and can treat mild to moderate acne.

DMK Enzyme with included home-care kit – All the benefits of the amazing Enzyme mask, but with a bonus skincare routine to take home with you for the next 30 days. A great gift to get someone started on the path to good skincare for a lifetime.



Gift Card – Our gift cards can be given with any amount you choose, and can be sent by email for last-minute gifts.

DMK Maximum Moisture and Hydra Louffa

DMK Limited Eye Web

Advanced Skin Care Treatment – Choose from one of our luxe, next-step treatments: Microcurrent, Microdermabrasion, LED Treatment, Ultrasound or High Frequency.

Teachers, Bosses, Coworkers:

Gift Card

DMK Limited Eye Web

Infrared Treatment with LED

Wife/Significant Other:

A Series of 6-12 Treatments – Give your special someone a chance to get pampered all year long! Repeat treatments are not only a relaxing gift, but also produce the best results for healthy, beautiful skin!

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